Farm Safety advice – what a good farm looks like

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What a good farm looks like – PDF booklet

What a good farm looks like – farm safety advice.

Its that time of year, no school for the next 7 weeks and the children, grandchildren or even walkers with children could be passing through or near the farm but this isn’t just about children, its also about farmers and farm workers, we need to challenge and change the attitudes towards risk-taking and poor safety behaviours in the next generation of farmers.

This has been a particularly challenging year for all of us however, over the past few months, farmers have been recognised as key workers, playing an essential role in producing food and for us in the Isle of Man we are pretty much back to life as normal.

I could have saved a life today, poem by Don Merrell read by Stuart Roberts @HertsFarmer
In Great Britain farming accounts for 1% of the economy but 20% of all workplace deaths – According to the HSE’s annual work-related fatalities in 2019/20 report,  20 farm workers lost their lives in the workplace over the past year – a 63% decrease in the previous year but still 20 too many…

The HSE in the UK have reissued ‘what a good farm looks like’ its a very quick read but it does highlight a few areas that I am sure everyone can relate to,  even small changes to the way we work may be enough to prevent a serious accident or incident.

Child safety on farms, from the yellow wellies foundation

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