About Us

What is the Manx National Farmers’ Union?

The Manx NFU is the only collective and coherent voice of the farming industry in the Isle of Man.

The Manx NFU is also the main way other groups (e.g. Government Departments, statutory boards, environmental, wildlife or NGO’s) can get in touch with Manx farmers.

Our current membership represents over two hundred individual agricultural businesses.

  • We exercise a system of one-member-one-vote democracy at branch level (southern, central and northern branches which meet monthly between October and April).
  • We operate a representative democratic system at our national council (which meets monthly throughout the year), and through our sector committees (Meat & Livestock, Dairy, Cereals, Land, Potatoes & Vegetables and Publicity & New Entrants.)
  • Members of council are elected from their branches, sector committee representatives are ratified by council having been nominated by the branches.
  • Council directs the work of the President and Vice-president, who direct the work of the General Secretary (the Union’s sole full-time employee who is assisted by a part-time administrator), through the General Purposes Committee.

What does the Manx NFU do?

  • We provide information and advice for members from all sectors of farming: dairy, arable, sheep, beef, pigs, poultry, vegetable, bio-fuel, organic and conventional
  • We lobby to ensure the farmers’ voice is heard at the heart of government, both in the Isle of Man and across the UK and Europe.
  • We raise awareness of Manx food and farming through the news & media. We currently operate the joint I Love Manx campaign with DEFA
  • We foster links between Manx farmers and other organisations such as the Young Farmers, Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group, MEA, IOM Water Authority, processors, supermarkets, IOM Farmers’ Markets etc.
  • We negotiate prices and support levels on behalf of all farmers.