Manx NFU Press Release re the Consultation on Agricultural Grants

Dear Manx NFU Member

Please see below the Press Release that the Manx NFU issued on the 12th April.

The Manx NFU will be strongly opposing the amalgamation of all agricultural grants into one single grant scheme.

We are concerned about lack of transparency, lack of focus on mainstream agriculture and lack of recognition by DEFA that agriculture delivers more than simply food .  There is also NO indication of any funding source to cover the proposed fisheries grant which it is proposed will be brought into this single unified scheme.   Therefore, leading us to conclude that the agricultural support will be used to fund those schemes.

We urge any member to write a response to the consultation and are happy to help members with this.   Please do not hesitate to contact the office on 662204 or Brian Brumby on 453625 if you have any queries on either the consultation or the MNFU’s response.

Press Release – DEFA loses focus 12th April 2016


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