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The Manx NFU works to create a strong agricultural economy on the Isle of Man for our members and to provide a reliable, sustainable and secure food supply for the Manx people. We represent farmers from the majority of farm businesses on the Island.

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Members of the Manx National Farmers’ Union have been saddened to learn of the passing of one of their life members of the Union – Harvey Briggs, TH

At the February meeting of the Manx NFU’s Council, President Brian Brumby paid tribute to Harvey and the huge contribution he has made over many years to both the Manx NFU and wider Manx agriculture. Members observed ...

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The Isle of Man College are now running pesticides courses. If any Member is interested in attending a course please contact Carole Collister via the email below for further information on what is available.




The consultation for the Amendments to the Countryside Care Scheme for Scheme year 2015 onwards (please see link below) is now open for response. The deadline for responses is the 16th January and the MNFU are working very closely with its members to put together a unified response. However, any person can submit a response and the MNFU encourages all members to respond directly. However, if you have a view ...

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Past President and Local Farming Ambassador Honoured -

There was a very special event on the Manx National Farmers’ Union stand at the 2014 Royal Manx Agriculture Show, when previous President, renowned farmer, local radio personality and lay preacher, John Kennaugh was presented with a life membership of the Manx NFU by current President, Brian Brumby. Brian paid tribute not only to John’s significant contribution to the MNFU during his 10 year Presidency but also his contribution to ...

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The MNFU would like to remind everyone that at this time of year that there are many cows with their calves out in the fields. It is essential that you must never walk in fields with cows and calves. The mothers are very protective of their calves and can become quite aggressive. Please stick to designated footpaths and keep dogs on leads near any livestock whether cows or sheep. If ...

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Countryside Code -

The Spring and Summer is an incredibly busy time out in the Manx countryside but also very exciting with lots of new arrivals and the promise of crops to come.

Please remember if you are out enjoying the beautiful weather and countryside to keep your dogs under control – they can seriously kill and injure lambs and sheep, also be aware that cows with young calves can be very protective ...

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Please see the link to the Manx Farming Matters Facebook page:

If you have any questions on this Facebook page please contact the office.


BVD Frequently Asked Questions -

As compulsory BVD testing is now in place there have been some queries from members. We hope that the link below will go some way to answering these.

Dog owners warned to keep their pets under control -

The Manx NFU is backing farmers on the Island who have been experiencing problems with dogs worrying sheep and other livestock.

Under current Manx law, The Dog Act, allows farmers the right to shoot on sight any dog that is attacking or worrying livestock. However, many farmers are reluctant to do this and in many cases they find the evidence after the event rather than catch the culprit in the ...

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Health & Safety in Agriculture -

The MNFU have received a copy of the revised Health & Safety in Agriculture (second edition published 2013) document and is available to down load from here:

guide to health and safety in agriculture

Night shooting has been approved -

Night Shooting of rabbits was approved at the May sitting of Tynwald. It is vital that all Manx National Farmers' Union Members read the Night Shooting Code of Practice put together with the assistance of the Police to ensure that all Members remain safe and shoot in accordance with the Game Act 1927 (Modification) order. ...

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